Check out our FAQs. SoundWave has been serving KY brides for almost 20 years so we know what questions you have and have taken the time to answer them all!

The best review I ever received.....

“I was the Maid of honor for my best friend when she got married.  Her wedding reception was the best I had ever been to.  I thought the dj was awesome until I was a bridesmaid for another friend’s wedding and you were the DJ!  What I thought was an “awesome” DJ didn’t even compare to you Larry!  That’s why I had to have you as my DJ and my family and friends still talk about my reception!  Yes, even the one friend I mentioned is still jealous!  LOL! Even she still admits she thought she had a good DJ until they saw you!!!” -Rachael Taylor Floy

What is your dress attire?

We dress appropriate for all events. If you have theme just let us know.

Do you wear tuxedos for wedding receptions?

This is a question we get all the time. This is your wedding day not the DJ’s. Your wedding party should stand out from all the guests, that includes the DJ.

Do you take breaks?

SoundWave never takes breaks and we try to avoid down time (dead air) always.

Are you good?

YES, and we do get this question!

Can we choose the music to be played at our event?

We are very flexible when it comes to music selection! That’s because in the past 16 years we’ve learned that keeping the dance floor packed is influenced by many factors, including the order and style in which the songs are played, the way songs are mixed together, and DJ interaction…not just which songs are played. The client can choose from our music library and add song that they want played throughout the night.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Your special event could very well be one of the most memorable days of your life. So we must offer you the highest level of dependability. We keep a complement of essential backup equipment on-site at all times for all events. If a component were to fail, it could easily be switched.

How far will you travel?

We have traveled as far as Ohio even down to Tennessee. We have also traveled to cities ranging from Ashland to Paducah. There are very few counties in Kentucky that we have not been to so basically we go where clients want us to go, even out of state! Travel does take time, especially out of state, so please ask about our travel rates.

Do you offer a contract or written agreement?

Absolutely. Our contract is straightforward and written in plain English so that you can understand the terms before signing. It is signed by both parties and offers you a high level of protection and dependability. With the contract you can be assured that there will be no hidden extra charges or surprises at your event. The signed contract and deposit officially reserves your date. A copy will be sent to you for your records. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms, just ask!

Is setup time included in your price?

You never have to pay for setup or take down time. We arrive an hour prior to your scheduled start time and will be set up long before your first guest arrives. But it’s on our own time! The same applies for take down time after your event.

Is tipping/gratuity expected from the DJ?

By no means is tipping/gratuity mandatory or expected. We charge a professional rate for a professional service. This means you won’t see a tip jar on our table. If at the end of the night you feel the DJ has surpassed your expectations and you want to tip him, we would accept it as the utmost compliment. But you’re under no obligation to do so.

What is the retainer fee and when is the final payment due?

We require a $400 deposit and signed contract to reserve your date. The final payment of the remaining balance is due at least 7 ays (1weeks) prior to your event date unless previously arranged. We will gladly accept your personal check, certified check, cashier’s check, or money order. You can also pay on the date of your event in cash prior to the scheduled start time just ask. However settling up before the date works best since it will give you the freedom to relax and enjoy your event!

How early should we book?

Simply put…the sooner the better! Our suggestion is to be prepared to sign a contract as early as 12-18 months before.

FAQs KY Wedding DJ - SoundWave Mobile Disc Jockey

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions that were not addressed above please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them!